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Five to Try Series: Ingredient #4 - Capers

Don’t be fooled by their small stature. Capers are tiny but they’re also mighty. Sometimes an acquired taste, capers have an unusual, salty yet floral flavor. From Chicken Piccata to Eggplant Caponata, capers are the leading lady in many Italian dishes, so give them a chance to shine in your kitchen.

Caper Facts:
  • Salty, floral, lemony and briny all at once, capers are actually pickled flower buds.
  • The caper plant i s small flowering bush that grows wild along the Mediterranean coastline.
  • Capers are picked by hand, sorted by size and then brined or packed immediately in salt to lock in their moisture.
Caper Tips:
  • Capers can be packed in variety of ways, like in vinegar, oil, brine, or simply sea salt.  Chefs recommend using sea salt-packed capers if you can get your hands on some.
  • Before use, rinse them under cold water or mild and then drain them.
  • Since capers are packed in salt brine, they'll last a very long time, so don't feel compelled to burn through your jar all at once.
Ways to Try Capers:

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