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Q&A with Andie Mitchel Part 2 of 3

We continue with our chat with Andie Mitchell, blogger behind  Learn more about Andie and get her tips for living a more balanced life and #EatingInTheMiddle
We are excited about the release of your new cookbook, Eating in the Middle and noticed the book is subtitled “A Mostly Wholesome Cookbook”, why only “mostly” wholesome?

I chose to make this cookbook roughly 80% wholesome and to include a handful of my favorite savory meals and desserts because I wanted it to represent the balanced eating I believe in and practice today: mostly wholesome with a sprinkling of the rich stuff. For me, “eating in the middle” means finding a balance between my health and happiness.

Would you say your recipes in the cookbook are difficult to prepare or only for the advance cook?

No, I’m happy to say that almost all of the recipes are completely friendly for every level of cook! I wanted them to be fairly quick, too, and made with ingredients you’d be sure to find at your local market.

For someone trying to eat healthier, what simple changes can they make that you found easy to do and stick with?

One of the best changes is to prepare more of your own food. You’ll have greater control of what goes into your meals, and if you prep a bunch of food at once, you’ll save time, money, and a whole lot of stress later on!

What was the biggest change you made when beginning your journey to lose weight?

I began keeping a food journal at the beginning of my weight loss journey, and I remember just how shocking it was to discover how out of touch I had been with normal portion sizes. It was the first time in my life that I had really started to pay attention to just how much I was eating. And just that simple act of writing down everything I ate sparked all of these changes--from making me more mindful of my choices to helping me recognize areas where I needed to improve.

At Tuttorosso, we believe like most cooks, that the best recipes start with the best ingredients. What do you believe makes a meal memorable?

I completely agree with that philosophy! Using quality ingredients is vital to making a quality meal -- and eating well is one way I nourish myself from the inside out. And a meal isn’t limited to the food only; it’s the experience, the sharing, the people around the table--all of it. The memory of a good meal lasts forever.


In our last post, we wrap up our chat and we will share her delicious recipe Beef Puttanesca.  It is her healthy interpretation on the classic Italian sauce.  She recently shared this dish with us at an event and guys, it was so flavorful!  Stay tuned!

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