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Packing the Perfect Picnic

The first holiday of summer, for many it is the official start of summer – Memorial Day Weekend! Pools are opened up, boats are put in the water and many picnics are planned for this weekend! We love a good picnic, and here are our favorite ways for you to pack the perfect picnic. Of course we have plenty of recipes for you to take with you!

Whether you use a picnic basket, cooler or a tote, here is what should be in there, besides the delicious food!  You will need enough plates, silverware, cups and napkins for your group. There are many choices to choose from including paper, recycled, melamine, etc.; just leave the fine china at home  Pack condiments such as salt and pepper, serving utensils to serve your delicious Watermelon Feta Salad, a sharp knife or two for last minute bread cutting or fruit slicing, a flexible cutting board and paper towels for extra napkins. We like to toss a few damp paper towels in a resealable bag. You should also bring along something for your trash (grocery bags, trash bags, etc.) and be sure to throw it away as you leave the park or take it home to your trash. Grab some water for those who don’t drink soda, beer or wine and if you are having some vino, grab your corkscrew and bottle opener!

It is always a good idea to grab a few blankets; tables may be hard to come by this weekend. And for those who aren’t able to easily sit on the ground; a few folding chairs come in hand for their comfort. If you plan to stay through the evening grab a solar lantern or candles (be careful that you place them where they are not easily knocked over) and some bug spray!

As for your food, be sure to use good sealed containers; there is nothing worse than opening your basket or cooler only to find soggy buns for your Italian Sloppy Joes! If you are making sandwiches ahead, use parchment or waxed paper to wrap sandwiches. We love this tutorial from Serious Eats for wrapping a sandwich.  We also like using reusable items for our food, like glass jars for salads, muffin tins for a condiment station or deviled egg holder, how about egg crates for items that need to stand in transport, like mini cupcakes!

If you are packing a cooler, it is good idea to make sure both the food and the cooler are pre-chilled. A couple of hours before packing, fill the cooler about half way with ice and let it set, you will dump the ice/water before packing. Your chilled cooler will keep your food cool longer! Use items like ice sheets or those blue ice packs instead of messy loose ice. These are easier to tuck between the food containers and no water to get into the “sealed” containers. Fill empty spaces with water bottles and drink cans.

Other things to include: sunscreen, hand sanitizer or hand wipes for cleanup. Bring matches or a lighter to light candles,and a first-aid kit. If it has been rainy you can use a shower curtain liner to lay under your blanket(s) to stay dry.

And if you are looking for great recipes for your picnic - we have you covered! Memorial Day recipes that are easy to make, easy pack and even easier to enjoy!

What do you pack for a picnic, a day at beach or a barbecue?

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