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Best Way To Store Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Do you find yourself milling through a farmer’s market early on a Saturday morning? Or maybe you belong to a local CSA? More and more farm markets and stands are popping up in even the smallest of towns. This time of year you can get wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables straight from the farm! When you bring your bounty home, what is the best way to store your goods?

Rinse your produce under running water just before consuming. Washing too far in advance may remove some of the natural preservatives. Items such as lettuce or leafy greens will stay crisp longer if they are washed when you bring them home. It is best not to store fruits and vegetables together. Fruit tends to give off higher levels of ethylene (what ripens fruit and vegetables) and can ripe and spoil neighboring vegetables too quickly. Ever heard the phrase “one bad apple…”?

If you keep your vegetables in a bag, make sure there are holes to allow for good air flow. Certain herbs such as basil should be kept in water on your counter. Refrigeration can turn basil leaves black – yuck!

Have a peach that isn’t quite ripe? You can quick ripen it on your counter in a paper bag along with an apple. Once ripe, place it in the fridge to store and eat within 1-3 days.

Think all produce should be stored in the fridge? Not necessarily. explains what should be kept in the refrigerator or on the counter at room temperature. You can print their handy guide here to keep in your kitchen!

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