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How to Have a Fun and Safe July 4th

The fourth of July is a celebration of our country and a great day to spend with family and friends.  Many picnics, barbecues and potlucks are planned and blankets are laid out for fireworks watching.  Here are few tips from Tuttorosso Tomatoes to make your day a success along our favorite recipes for the big day.

Picnic packing

If you are going to a picnic, be sure to read our Packing the Perfect Picnic blog full of tips for making sure you have all of the necessities on hand such as sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and first-aid kit.


The best shows are usually in your own hometown.  Google your hometown and fireworks to see where you can go to view a show near you or wherever you are spending the day.  If you plan to light off a few sparklers at home, have a bucket of water nearby as a precaution and a place to put the spent sparklers.  No one wants to step on a hot stick left on the ground.  Always make sure an adult is supervising whether there are small children or teens involved, make sure everyone is being safe.  There are on average 230 fireworks related injuries near or around the 4th of July.  Leave it to the professionals and enjoy the show at a safe distance.


It can be a long hot day waiting until dark for the fireworks display to take place.  Make sure you have plenty of water and cool drinks available to last the day.  Fruit such as watermelon is another great option for staying hydrated on a hot summer day.  Did you know one cup of diced watermelon is 92% water?  A tasty treat to beat the summer heat!  And it’s the perfect combination with our tomatoes in our Watermelon and Feta Salad.


Your local fireworks display may have a playlist scheduled to go with the show, many organizers partner with radio stations to coordinate music with the show.  If not, check online music streaming apps such as Spotify who have plenty of Independence Day playlists (download before the show to save on your data) that you can play while watching the show.


Because it can be a long time between the barbecue and the fireworks show, have games that both kids and adults will enjoy.  If you have backyard games such as ladder golf or corn hole bring them along and setup for passing the time.  If you have a large crowd; think about a bracket for a little fun completion and the big playoff at the end of the day.  Other fun ideas include water balloon volleyball or baseball.  Water-filled balloons replace the typical ball and helps keep everyone cool!  A scavenger hunt is always a hit for older kids, include items that would be found at a 4th of July party, think apple pie, flags, etc.  We love the idea of including a patriotic question on each clue to test everyone’s history knowledge. “Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?” – Thomas Jefferson, if answered correctly, they get their next clue!


Of course every 4th of July celebration must include plenty of food!  Burgers and hot dogs on the grill is probably the most popular item at most gatherings, but think a bit outside of the box and bring something new like our Shredded Pork Sandwiches which are made in the crockpot and can easily be transported to your party.  Or Grilled Chicken Skewers which are easy to make and require no utensils to enjoy!  Our Salads are perfect side dish options for any potluck gathering.  And for a new twist on the American classic – Mac & Cheese, try our Gnocchi Mac ‘n Cheese or Fontina Macaroni and Cheese both are still the cheesy classic everyone will love, but stepped up for a new taste!

No matter how you celebrate, be safe and enjoy your family and friends.  Let Tuttorosso Tomatoes be your resource for new recipes, tips and techniques that take your cooking to the next level!  From our family to yours – Happy Independence Day!

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