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Brighten Up Your Canned tomatoes with Seasonal Herbs and Veggies

We've often harped on why canned tomatoes are a far better option than fresh ones in the winter. But there are still a number of ways to brighten up canned tomatoes and maximize their flavor. Our top tip? Combine them with fresh, seasonal herbs and vegetables whenever you can.

Because a good recipe starts with good ingredients, choosing high-quality canned tomatoes is key. (Check out our handy guide on identifying the best canned tomatoes for some pointers.) We recommend reaching for tomatoes from family-owned Tuttorosso—the best-selling Italian-inspired canned tomato brand in the US. With special non-BPA liners that lock in fresh, vine-ripened flavor, Tuttorosso offers great quality that you can see and taste. Need some inspiration for ways to pair in-season herbs and vegetables with your canned tomatoes? We've got you covered.

To make a good pasta sauce, you don't need much more than a can of quality tomatoes from Tuttorosso and some olive oil (or, depending on your leanings, butter). But adding just a few fresh ingredients to the mix is an easy way to punch up a basic sauce. Mint, which can be grown indoors for year-round enjoyment, lends a burst of fresh flavor to a whole range of dishes. Though it may seem like an unlikely match for tomatoes, this recipe for tomato-mint sauce just might make you a believer. Plus, it's incredibly versatile; toss it with pasta, or serve it with leg of lamb for equally delicious results.

For a warming, satisfying supper on a frigid Sunday, we love braised pork cheeks cooked low and slow in the oven. Here, canned tomatoes get extra flavor from carrots, celery, and woodsy herbs like rosemary or thyme. Or, try poaching fish in a flavorful mixture of canned tomatoes, chickpeas, kale, and plenty of fresh cilantro, for a complete meal in just one pot

To really emphasize the fresh flavor of canned tomatoes and other vegetables, soup is a surefire way to go. Try this Italian kale and farro soup, flavored with canned tomatoes, leeks, carrots, celery, kale, and fresh thyme. Or opt for Swiss chard and pasta soup, infused with the herbal flavor of an entire bunch of parsley, to warm you from the inside out. A bowl of thick and creamy tomato soup is a perennial winter favorite— this version gets perked up with basil, plus carrots for a pleasant natural sweetness. However you decide to put your can of tomatoes to use, you've got countless options for infusing them with fresh flavor. And, since quality you can see leads to quality you can taste, always pick the best ingredients you can, starting with Tuttorosso Canned Tomatoes

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