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the 24lb christmas lasagna
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The 24 pound Christmas lasagna

“Our Christmas tradition was always my mom’s delicious lasagna. She used to make the meat, veggies and the lasagna, but when she saw that all we wanted was her lasagna, she stopped making everything else. Out of her three daughters, I was the one that spent the most time in the kitchen with her. So when my mom passed away in 1992, my dad said "you're the only one who cooks like mommy" and gave me the lasagna pan, the special spatula, the sauce pot and the colander that drained the lasagna noodles. Ever since she passed away, my family has been coming to my house for Mom’s Christmas lasagna. We don't have any children of our own, but my 2 nieces will be learning how to make grandmas meatballs and sauce and how to assemble what turns out to be a 24lb pan of lasagna. Can you believe it turns out to weigh 24 lbs? I know that my mom is always looking down and smiling, proud that her daughter is continuing our family tradition.”

Joanne M.
Peekskill, NY

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