The Ultimate Pairing

by Beth Richwine | Feb 07, 2014
Here in Indiana we are very close to enjoying our snowiest winter ever!  I say “enjoy” with not much of a smile, because I am not sure how many are really enjoying Winter 2014.  I guess you could say people are fed up with the snow – there is even a petition for stopping the snow, with over 1,500 signatures in only 1 day!

Of course there is nothing that can be done about the snow or cold or gloom, except grin and bear it! In the colder weather, many of us are drawn to food that is comforting and warm, and it has been cold for weeks!  Is there anything more comforting than a bowl of warm, steamy, creamy soup?  It has to be one of my favorite go-to dishes during the winter months.  Chili of course, is a popular pick; tortilla soup seems to be a close second with so many recipes to choose from, but what about the one soup that seems to take most people right back to their childhood kitchen – Tomato soup!  I love a good tomato soup, and since we are a tomato company, we have lots of tomato soup recipes to choose from!  And does anything go better with tomato soup than a gooey grilled cheese?  Yeah, yeah, saltines crackers are fine, but isn’t tomato soup and grilled cheese the perfect peanut butter and jelly or mint and chocolate?  The classic of course is buttered white bread with American cheese, which is delicious, but with so many cheeses and bakery style breads easily available at groceries today, why not try something a little different?  Just changing your bread can open so many tasty opportunities – Texas toast, rye or a hearty multigrain.  Then there’s the cheese, have you tried Colby, Swiss or my favorite – Gruyere cheese?  Now here’s one that may blow your mind – try more than one cheese – on the same sandwich!  I know you must think I live in Crazy Town, but trust me when I tell you - it will change your world (the sandwich world anyway)! I like my tomato soup rich, creamy, hearty and with just a bit of texture.

Our Tomato Soup in Puff Pastry recipe is perfect.  Anyone else like to dunk their grilled cheese in your soup?  I do, and I recently thought why not get the grilled cheese right in my soup?  Grilled cheese croutons!  Brilliant if you ask me.  Just cut your sandwich into bite size squares, you get a perfect bite of grilled cheese and soup on your spoon, and you save the laborious task of dunking (my sandwiches can be pretty hefty)!

Come see our arsenal of Chili, Soups & Stews recipes, try one out, let us know what you think and share your favorite grilled cheese combo and tips!  Can’t wait to hear from you!

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