Can we talk about gadgets?

by Beth Richwine | Apr 17, 2014

Can we talk about kitchen gadgets?  I was visiting with my sister-in-law this past weekend and we stopped in a kitchen store, she needed to buy a microplane zester/grater.  How has she been living on her own for over 20 years without this tool??  I use mine for all kinds of things, zesting of course, grating hard cheeses, grating fresh nutmeg, mince garlic, just to name a few.  Then I got to thinking “I believe I have a problem, or an obsession”…with kitchen gadgets.  I have things that spin your salad, whisks and spatulas in all sizes, a tong-like thingy to take a Belgium waffle of the waffle iron (yes, I have a Belgium waffle iron too).  I have drawers of utensils and gadgets, cabinets with more gadgets, and even more in my pantry (which I had to have re-done a couple of years ago to add more shelving to hoard house my obsession collection).  There are people who love shopping for shoes, jewelry or clothes; but my happy place is in a kitchen store or the home section of a department store.  And to make it worse, there are these parties where I can buy even more gadgets!  Whoever thought of that idea – genius!!  Not in the mood for a party?  No online!  There isn’t any hope for me.  My sisters had a small intervention with me the last time I had a family dinner.  I was being very particular about what platters or serving ware to use, and had to make sure they had the right utensil for the job at hand.  They started off laughing and rolling their eyes until it was clear this was no joking matter; I am very serious about my plates, platters and bowls!  My husband is my enabler.  He is the first one to veer  towards a kitchen store in a mall or department store, I don’t have to ask or drag him there, he is more than willing to take a quick walk-through.  I bought him a really nice grill a couple of years ago for Christmas.  Now he has to have all of the gadgets that are available for it, jalapeno popper holder, pizza stone, thermometer, burger press, etc.  Did I mention he is an excellent cook?  I am very blessed and thankful to have a husband who is comfortable in the kitchen; it makes a long work day not so bad when you walk in the house to dinner in the oven!

I was recently introduced to two new kitchen gadgets, this scissor-like thing that chops salad like a pro and an herb mill; I don’t know how these have escaped me, but they will be soon welcomed to my home and their helpful gadget neighbors!

Do any of you use those corn handle-thingies for corn on the cob?  I grew up with these and in college I had dinner with my boyfriends’ family.  I looked at his mother like she was crazy when she served fresh corn at dinner.  Did she expect me to hold the corn with my bare hands?  Yes, they did, and they thought I was even crazier when I asked for the butter brush, you know that thing that brushes the butter on the corn.  They were clearly heathens of some sort!!  Oh well, the corn was delicious, the boyfriend became my husband and his mother my now mother-in-law who serves wonderful grilled corn grown by my father-in-law!

Use your microwave bacon cooker and chop fresh basil in your herb mill to make our Bacon and Tomato Quesadillas.

What is your favorite kitchen gadget?

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