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It's officially Spring...or is it?

When warmer weather teams up with longer days, I get pretty excited about having more time in my evening to do things like take a walk, watch my boys play baseball, dinner on the patio…anything outdoors! I plan my garden, spruce up the flower beds and plant new color for the summer season. The last thing I want is to spend my precious daylight hours indoors making dinner, or even worse…doing dishes!

During the busy weeknights, and they do get pretty busy in the warmer months for many of us, I look for quick & easy, light & healthy dishes with not a lot of dishes to wash when dinner is done. Don’t you find that by the end of winter you’ve had enough of soups, stews and heavy casseroles? Luckily we have recipes for quick meals that are easy to prepare, and quick on clean up.

Garden Style Primavera Pasta is a great choice for Meatless Mondays; this meal is full of veggies, low in calories, and ready to eat in 35 minutes or less! Pasta is topped with artichoke hearts, garlic, bell peppers, carrots and zucchini and made extra delicious with our Crushed Tomatoes with Basil! This is just one example of recipes we have in our arsenal of 30 Minute MealsYou don’t have to skimp on flavor and nutrition when you are low on time!

Are you ready for spring?  What do you most look forward to when Spring arrives?

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