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Whole To Diced In a Snip

When you stock up on Whole Peeled tomatoes (and we know many of you do!), you want to make the most of your precious inventory! They are a great staple for your pantry for sauce or soup recipes, but when a recipe calls for diced or chopped tomatoes and you only have cans of whole on hand what do you do? Sure you can tear, cut, squeeze or mash ‘em, but when you need to make diced tomatoes from whole tomatoes, we think this method is the cleanest and maybe the fastest!

 Grab a clean pair of kitchen shears or scissors and place them down into the open can of whole peeled tomatoes. Then snip away, moving the scissors around as you go!  You get smaller pieces of tomatoes without the mess! Some say they like squeezing the tomatoes, especially if they have a bit of pent up frustration to take out that day – squeeze away if it makes you feel better! But if you are like us and want one less thing to wash after dinner, this is the way to go!

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