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Why You Should Choose Canned Tomatoes Over Fresh Winter Tomatoes

There are plenty of reasons to love fall and winter produce—hearty root vegetables, nutrient-rich greens, and bright citrus fruits are all welcome additions to our plates. But at this time of year, as the weather chills, we start missing foods like peak-season farm-fresh tomatoes. Lucky for us, when tomatoes are no longer in season, Tuttorosso canned tomatoes are an excellent alternative. Here's why:


For canned tomatoes that taste fresh, reach for Tuttorosso—they're the best-selling Italian-inspired canned tomato brand in the US for good reason. Their special, non-BPA can liners lock in fresh, vine-ripened tomato flavor that you won't find in any mealy supermarket tomatoes this time of year. And their non-GMO project-verified products, like the Peeled Plum Style Tomatoes, are bright and naturally sweet with well-balanced acidity.


These days, tomatoes are available at the grocery store year-round (even when they shouldn't be). While it's not impossible to find good ones, especially during summer, their quality varies greatly across the seasons. With Tuttorosso's Peeled Plum Style Tomatoes, you know you'll get the same great product every time. As our managing culinary director, Kenji Lopez-Alt, pointed out, "Canned tomatoes are more reliably fresh year-round than actual fresh tomatoes are." The pride and care that family-owned Tuttorosso puts into their tomatoes comes through in every can. Quality is their top priority—they don't cut corners, and it shows.


Tuttorosso offers a wide variety of canned tomatoes, sauces, and purees—and in different sized cans, to suit whatever feast or intimate meal you're making. And if you think canned tomatoes are just for tomato sauce, think again. We've discovered dozens of incredible applications for canned tomatoes that will get you through the colder months. You can slow-roast canned tomatoes for bold vinaigrettes or hearty grain salads, savor them in a tomato and pork stew, enjoy them in chicken paprikash, and even create bruschetta. Bruschetta in winter? We can't complain about that.

* This article originally appeared on Serious Eats from our Tuttorosso Cooking Class page.

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  1. By: CAMILLE N.
    Date: 9/8/2017

    I have used Tuttorosso most of my cooking life.  They do have a great taste and they always look good.  I feel like I'm getting fresh canned tomatoes without all that work - great work!

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